Ben 10: Negative Rising
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Genre Action/Adventure
Original run End of Peace (8-2-2013) - Unknown
Episodes To be Counted
Starring Will be filled in later
Created By Lego Master
Written By Lego Master
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"Ben 10: Omniverse"
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Ben 10: Negative Rising is a series created by Lego Master that takes place 7 months after the events of Ben 10: Omniverse, as Ben faces a new villain, who is armed with an awfully familiar device.    


7 months after the final events of Omniverse, Ben has returned from a mission on Mount Everest, where Doctor Animo was planning on setting off a DNA bomb at its peak. Rook has returned to Revonnah to help his people recover from a recent drought, and Ben has tried to deny help from the Plumbers, and his former allies that have helped him over the years, so he's really wanting to be alone, and become the solo hero he he was so close to being at the very beginning of Omniverse. However, that doesn't mean that his old buddies won't drop by every once and a while to lend him a hand with whatever-it-is he's up against. After a raging fight with a mysterious foe identified as Xarlek, he learns that his adversary wields a device none other than the Nemetrix, and plans on using it for his own nefarious purposes. Now, Ben must face Xarlek, and stop him, before the universe falls to his might, or gets destroyed, give or take. It depends on the guy's mood.


See the Episode Guide for the list of completed and upcoming episodes.

Video GameEdit

A video game named BTNR: Darkness has been confirmed, and shall take place around the events of the Season One finale.

Another video game is set to be released sometime towards the end of Season Two, but no other details are available at this time. 


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See the Omnitrix Mark II for a list of Ben's aliens.

Xarlek's PredatorsEdit

See the Nemetrix for the list of all of Xarlek's predators.


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Lego Master (Creator)
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Ben Tennyson
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Xarlek - Eon
Minor Villains
Elite Squadron (Led by Xarlek): Commander Cyrus - Executive Archie - Executive Maxie - Memorio-Master (formerly, deceased)

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