This wiki is all about the Ben 10 series, Ben 10: Negative Rising! Special content that will not be available on other wikis or sites shall be posted here, as well as various sneak peaks at upcoming episodes, ideas that didn't quite make the cut, and more.

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Well, if you're just coming here out of chance, good for you! If you like Ben 10, even better! If you don't like Ben 10..maybe you should leave, it's up to you! Anyway, what is "Ben 10: Negative Rising"? Is it real? What can I do to help? Well, let me answer.

  1. Ben 10: Negative Rising, otherwise known as BTNR for short, is the sequel to Ben 10: Omniverse, which follows Ben as he attempts to stop this evil dude named Xarlek, from using the Nemetrix, yeah, you heard me, the thing Khyber used in Omniverse, to achieve Omniversal domination, or destruction. It depends on his mood. And he's not the only foe Ben has to face, there's still classic baddies, like Eon, and the occasional Albedo. 
  2. Is this a real series, unfortunately no. It was created by Lego Master in August 2013, and is a fan fiction story. However, since its not real, that means that there aren't the restrictions the canon series have to deal with. Such as, killing annoying characters, making areas from other franchises real, etc. 
  3. Now, what YOU, user viewing this page, can do, is go to the Idea Suggestion Page, and maybe leave an idea for a future episode. Season 1 is almost ending, and ideas for Season 2 are needed.

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