Benjamin Kurt Tennyson
General Information

1/2 Human

3/8 Chronian

1/8 Anodite

Home Planet:

Earth (assumed)



Other Info
Part in team:

Not apart of any team


No known friends


Max Tennyson (grandfather, deceased)

Gwen Tennyson (cousin, status unknown)

Brooke Tennyson (sister)


Time manipulation

Energy manipulation

Mana manipulation


Alternate counterparts:

Ben Tennyson

Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23)


The Ruthless Youngster

One Who Shows No Mercy

The Perfect Man For The Job (Xarlek)

First Appearance: When All Seems Lost

Benjamin Kurt Tennyson, or, The Ruthless Youngster, is the Dimension 666 counterpart of Ben Tennyson, as well as the twin brother of Brooke Tennyson. He also wields the Protomatrix.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Ben 10: Negative RisingEdit

Season OneEdit

Video GamesEdit


  • He is from Dimension 666, due to the evil characteristics often associated with the number 666.
  • Due to the death of his grandfather, he has a very...enraged personality, blaming himself for Max's demise to the point that he has become a ruthless vigilante, straying away from the path of a hero.
  • His enemies were...a bit tougher to defeat than his mainstream counterpart's enemies, putting aside techniques and personalities.
  • He, like Albedo, will have a special dedicated to him.
    • Said special will be called The End of a Hero.
  • He hates smoothies, similar to how mainstream Ben disliked smoothies at age 11.

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