Magister TummyHard
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Same as Gutrot

Home Planet:

Same as Gutrot

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First Appearance: United We Stand

Magister TummyHard is a Plumber with the rank of Magister in Ben 10: Negative Rising.


He is similar to Gutrot, being the same species as him. However, TummyHard's skin is blue, as opposed to Gutrot's purple. He wears Plumber armor, and his gut is protected by a red casing. Also, a Plumber badge is where Gutrot's Omnitrix symbol usually is.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since it can be assumed that he is older than Gutrot, his powers and abilities would be enhanced. TummyHard also has the various gadgets and weaponry of the Plumbers.


Ben 10: Negative RisingEdit

Season OneEdit


  • He was named by Echoson.
  • The reason why his gut is protected is because as members of his species get older, the gases inside their stomaches become more advanced, but can easily be emptied from the body if something were to hit the stomach.

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